A story of a businessman cum poker player

For every person who is a successful entrepreneur will have a great interest on a thing that is other than his business.  The business is chosen by him to enhance the level of living standards of his life and family. The other interests are for their personal enhancements. The personal interest will vary with each other. Some people will do it for satisfying the innate talent in him.  Everyone has their own talents in their way. Some will drive those talents and use them in the effective way and some people will just leave that. To my consideration they should not do it as like that because the talents are needed to be shined and enhanced.  Whether it is a relaxing sport or whatever it may be. We it is focused properly it will provide the satisfaction as well as it will give the excellent benefits. When you balance your interest as well as your business, your life will be interesting and lively. This is why majority of the successful entrepreneurs are having their own interests in a way. Brandon Rodney is one of such people and he is the president of Brandon Steven motors. And also he is a surprising professional poker player. His achievements in his business are many.


The beginning of his business starts with the used car lot.  Before that he had the experience of selling the cars at the age of seventeen. At such younger age he started to run his own business. And he is highly interested on the automotive area. This in turns make him to run the business on the motor area. Also as a interest he started to play poker games and since he is in love with the poker games, he has turned into a professional poker player. Always the casino game category is so attractive and makes the people to further and further and this is because, with the interest and the good gaming skills, we can able to earn a lot in the casino games. Poker is the most attractive one in the whole casino game types. There is no wonder on his interest on the poker games but he has improved his skills on the poker games.  This shows his perseverance ability on the work that he is focusing on. When we have perseverance on any work there would be no obstacle on our way to gain the success.