Short note on cryptocurrency

Imagine how beautiful this world would be, when we have the same currency all around the world irrespective of your country. As a frequent international traveler, this is what I feel myself, the real freedom. It is my money. I don’t need to pay anyone for anything in the name of conversion. And imagine how wonderful it would be, when you can hold this money just in your card and you can use it every nook and corner of the world just from a tap. All the above-given features are incredibly possible with the invention of crypto currencies.

Crypto currencies are virtual money which runs in an internet black chain network, made by an anonymous person. This black chain network could never be crashed neither hacked. And this has an intense multistep security check to access your account portal, which can simply explain the quality and strength of the network. Even games cryptocurrency is available on the markets.

These currencies could never be destroyed neither stolen. Each and every crypto currency stores the complete data of its holder. Also, it will carry the existing holder details when it was sold, where it has been spent. To comprise, it holds, its complete history.

And none of the dominating countries can neither increase nor decrease the price of the currency. It just stays as it is. So it gives the ultimate results of the same price for each and everything in the world for the whole time. It could never be hoarded either. So in such case, you don’t need any bank or other money oriented third part brokers. You don’t necessarily have a proof for each and every penny you spend from your crypto currencies.

The crypto currencies also contain the location data for it. So it can be easily exposed if someone tries to spend it over an illegal activity in any part of the world. The world’s technology and luxury hub Dubai is working on the development to use the crypto currencies security system for human free immigration systems. This act itself says the value and the safety of this virtual money.