How To Prevent Coronary Heart Disease?

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is a disease affecting the heart. It is caused by a number of risk factors. Risk factors also worsen the existing CHD.

CHD is a condition in which plaque-a wax like substance accumulates in the inside walls of the arteries called coronary arteries. The function of these arteries is to supply blood rich in oxygen to the muscles of the heart.

Build-up of plaque causes narrowing of arteries and reduction in blood flow to the muscles of the heart. Lowered blood flow can result in chest pain, particularly when one is active. In the long run, a section of plaque may rupture, causing blood clot to form on the surface of the plaque.

If the clot grows to a large size, it causes blocking of the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the section in the heart muscle which is fed by the arteries. Blocking of blood flow into the heart muscle can cause a heart attack. In this case you will need to get treatment from cardiology hospital in India.

CHD Risk Factors:

There are risk factors you can control:

  • High cholesterol levels in blood like triglycerides
  • Pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity and over-weight
  • Physical inactivity
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Unhealthy diet

Risk factors you can’t control:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Family history of CHD.

Most people have at least one of the risk factors.  One’s risk of heart attack caused by CHD increases with number of risk factors and their severity. Also, some risk factors are more potent than others. Examples are a combination of diabetes and smoking.

 Many risk factors of CHD begin in childhood. This is common as most kids today lack exercise and are over-weight. Following a healthy lifestyle from childhood can prevent or control most CHD risk factors.

Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Consume a balanced, healthy diet:

One can choose healthy meals and snacks which protects you against heart disease and its complications. Eat lots of vegetables and fresh fruit.

Also a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fat and rich in fiber can control levels of cholesterol in blood. Keeping sodium or salt content at low levels in the diet can help reduce blood pressure.

  • Keep up a weight that is healthy :

Being obese or over-weight can increase risk of heart disease. For determining a healthy rate of your weight, doctors use a measure called as BMI (Body Mass Index). Some also use hip and weight measurements to quantify body fat in excess of a person.

  • Exercise regularly:

Being physically active can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and to maintain healthy weight. Doctors recommend adults to follow exercise of moderate intensity for a minimum of half an hour daily.

  • Stop smoking:

Cigarette smoking can substantially raise your risk of heart disease. If you don’t smoke, continue the good habit. If you smoke, take steps to quit including taking advice of doctor.

  • Limit alcohol:

Stop drinking excess alcohol which results in high blood pressure.

  • Keep checking regularly:

Monitor some health conditions regularly like checking cholesterol and monitoring blood pressure.  One must also take steps for managing diabetes, regular intake of prescribed medication and discuss your treatment plan with your doctor. These are guidelines provided by best hospital for cardiology in India.

These are some tips to reduce chances of CHD.