Men’s Fashion Tips

When it comes to men’s fashions, suits can seem to be all there is to it, sadly. There are other options out there, but we’re a long way from the versatility of fashion women get to enjoy. Maybe this our comeuppance for centuries of oppression, but I digress. Anyway, men’s fashion is dominated by the suit, but that’s not the end of the story, luckily. Here are some tips to get some extra fashion mileage out of your suit.

First and foremost, black suits, as well as suits in other neutral colors like brown, grey, and darker blues, are the whole spectrum of professional suits, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fashion. Feel free to experiment with many different colors, color combinations, and patterns when choosing a suit. For instance, a baby blue shirt with a canary yellow shirt would create a striking look, using complementary colors to make the whole outfit pop. Or, you could go with a patterned suit. Checkers, houndstooth, and pinstripes are popular choices.

However, another aspect of suits often not found in professional settings is more casual suits and blazers. For example, you may wear a full suit in a casual setting. You may, instead, wear a blazer with jeans, or simply mismatch a blazer and slacks. Or, you would wear a sportcoat. There is also the matter of tweed and corduroy suits to consider. Basically, the professional setting severely limits your creative freedom in regards to your look, so for fashion, things a lot more open that perhaps you ever realized. So, with that in mind, time to get yourself some new threads from a retailer like Charles Tyrwhitt and craft the perfect look for you and your fashion needs.