What is Facebook, what is it for and how does the largest social platform in the world work

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Today, although most users who surf the Internet know what Facebook is and how it works, you may not know this social platform very well.Still, I’m sure you have a friend or family member who already has a profile in it, therefore, I have the game you’ve heard about this social giant on occasion. Click this link for convertpanda.com – download fb video.

The surprise of Facebook

And it does not surprise me since Facebook counts today with more than 2 Billion users all over the world. Not in vain, from the moment it appeared in our lives, has achieved an unstoppable growth throughout the digital landscape.For that reason, and for all the utilities that you have, which you will discover throughout this article, I will begin to finally reveal what exactly Facebook is and how it works:

What is Facebook?

It is a network used by people of very wide age ranges, which they use every day. This, despite being so popular, is not without controversy.

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The continuous variations in their privacy policies in recent years, make many people consider the security of publishing in it.

However, following a few guidelines, it is possible to publish without the security of the data being affected in any way.

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How was Facebook born? Brief history of the platform

This social platform was created in 2004, by the American Mark Zuckerberg and other students from Harvard University, who shared a room with him. These are Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hugues, and Dustin Moskovitz.

The birth of the network is not without controversy since the initial idea is considered the work of the brothers Winklevoss and Divya Narendra, students of Harvard.

These, aware of Zuckerberg’s skills with programming, decided to commission the project to create a directory, through which to connect the different brotherhoods.

At the same time that Mark Zuckerberg was working on the project of the Winklevoss and Narenda brothers, he was working on his own project called “The Facebook”. The similarity of one project with another was more than evident.

Therefore, when Zuckerberg launched his platform, Winklevoss and Narenda considered that he had stolen the idea and sued him.