Encourage natural and cultural heritage with Responsible tourism

Nowadays, Travelers are being acquainted with the importance of environmental preservation. They search for an accommodation that supports environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism. Many hotels around the world are developing award-winning environmental, economic, and socio-cultural programs that protect both the culture and support the local economy. The eco friendly hotels, offers the tourists to experience and understand natural spaces and cultures, while conserving and reducing the harmful effect on the environment.


Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism is a form of tourism carried out in a more educated and responsible way. There is a rising consciousness in ecological conservation and understanding the impact of tourism on a destination. The popularity of environmentally-friendly hotels among travelers, who prefer these hotels over the non-eco friendly ones, is increasing in the present days. Apart from tourists even business travelers are also choosing green hotels over other lodgings.

Ecotourism typically provides direct financial benefits for conservation of cultural heritage and local people and is focused on the conservation of natural resources. This is usually achieved in practice by protecting bio-diverse areas with implementation of natural reserves, national parks, wildlife refuge and corridors, as well as visitor’s interpretation centers.

Luckily, most eco friendly hotels has information on their websites about their green projects that make it easier to learn about the way they are taking to preserve natural resources, and contribute to the local community. The main principles of ecotourism include minimizing impact, protecting biodiversity, building environmental awareness, and respecting the local culture. On seeing the steep demand, many hotels started the service based on their environmental friendly practices. Some of the benefits of ecotourism are as follows,

  • Minimizes harmful social, economic and environmental impacts
  • Creates greater economic benefits for local people and improves the well-being of the host society
  • Improves working conditions and access to the industry
  • Engage local people in decisions that directly or indirectly influence their lives and opportunities
  • Provides more pleasant experiences for tourists
  • Connections with local people, and a better understanding of local cultural, social and environmental concerns
  • Provides access for physically challenged people
  • Support respect between tourists and host communities
  • Makes encouraging contributions to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage

In order to save wealth and resources, the hospitality industry is also practicing eco-friendly practices. Start environment friendly practices by saving water, energy and execute the green programs. Make sure you do research about the hotel both before departure and on arrival. Select your travel agent, airline and accommodation provider prudently.